Who is Robert Geneid

Robert GeneidPassion, commitment and dedication. Three words that describe Robert Geneid and his deep commitment to bringing the marvels of Malaysia to the world. Robert Geneid is Managing Director of the company that owns the Royal Mulu Resort. One of the premier resorts in this region of the world, the Royal Mulu, under the sterling leadership of Robert Geneid, is currently being upgraded to a prestigious Marriott resort. The Royal Mulu will be the jewel in the crown of Marriott Resorts being the group’s first Nature Resort.

Passion For The Planet

Deeply passionate about the planet and sustainable development for all, Robert Geneid has worked tirelessly among the indigenous people of the Mulu area to ensure that ecotourism and natural conservation are able to coexist in harmony for the better of all. Robert is a passionate advocate of conservation and tourism, believing that the two can work together for a better planet. Robert Geneid is considered an expert on business and tourism in South East Asia and he combines his love of the environment and superlative business acumen to enhance and enable the growth of Malaysia.

Married with seven children, Robert Geneid is a committed husband and father, always dedicated to helping build a world that his family would be proud to live in. Family have always played an important part in the success of this self-made man and he loves nothing more than spending time with and enjoying the outdoors with his family.

Committed to Knowledge

Born in Australia and educated at the University of New South Wales, Robert has the distinction of being awarded two degrees; Civil Engineering in 1976 and Law in 1985. One of the youngest Fellows of the Institution of Engineers Australia, Robert Geneid started his professional career for the Public Works Department in New South Wales. Before studying law full time, Robert gained experience as a construction engineer for US firm Bechtel and played a role in the Jubail Industrial City Project: the largest construction project in the world at that time.
A change to the study of law and to becoming a practicing solicitor in the state of New South Wales, meant a second university degree for Robert. While some may consider law and engineering to be worlds apart, Robert Geneid has deftly married his two chosen fields of study to ensure his success in business. Robert was made partner at Mallesons Stephen Jaques, one of Australia’s most experienced and prestigious law firms, and was an expert in the field of project and construction law covering the regions of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Dedicated To Business

Currently residing in Malaysia with his family, Robert is a sought after consultant and advisor to companies who want to make an impact in the South East Asia region. Robert Geneid lends his expertise in the field of law and large scale construction projects to select companies in the region.
Making a difference to the world by being fully committed, dedicated and passionate about every venture is just a small part of what sets Robert Geneid apart.